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MVP Seminars is more than a speaker bureau. We offer an array of services you won't find with any other company. From hand-picking the right keynote speakers to finding the right training for your business' certification needs.


Company and workplace employers must take responsible steps such as training and policy assimilation, to prevent and stop sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace.

ca online sexual harassment training

CA harassment training

Specifically designed for: Business owners, Managers & Supervisors

Lack of oversight within the sexual harassment workplace can create nothing but headaches, low morale & financial repercussions. Our job is to create a very healthy, productive environmental workplace for your business. The end result will be: Employees are happy, productive & no-one goes to court.


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Our highly qualified keynote and motivational speakers, and business coaches are closely anchored to our onsite employee training and development business training for all levels of your organization. This combined talent make MVP Seminars the top choice of corporate America, business and non-profit sectors, business associations and educational formats of all size.

"Our keynote speakers, business training and consulting will have an immediate impact on your employee success"


-Founder of MVP

Business Training

MVP helps employees and your organization achieve greater success with a holistic approach including onsite training, on-demand modules, live online courses or webinars and an array of innovative corporate training solutions.

Popular Topics

Communication skills

Communication is a must for anyone who deals with people.

Customer Service

Understanding what they want, and what they value.

Project Management

Manage projects with a structured approach to ensure success. 

Motivate and Inspire

Our team of speakers are passionate about what they do.

Sales Training

Successful people with sales skills are the backbone of all profit


MVP seminars will create a blueprint for your success

Team Building

Learn skills and techniques to become a team leader

Time Management

Participants explore strategies and tools for effectively managing 

Management and Supervision

Adopt & implement the traits & attributes of top leaders & managers.


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