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Selecting a Selecting a Sexual Harassment training in California is an effective way to prevent problems before they occur, while inspiring and motivating employees to perform better, increasing professionalism while creating a fun, very interactive learning experience.
Training companies, such as MVP Seminars and Employee Harassment Training can help book your selected Harassment trainer who will personalize the training specifically to relate to the specific business & any issues that HR would like discussed. Our MVP Sexual Harassment training seminars are available in the following California cities: Santa Barbara, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco.


San Diego, California


Regardless of whether your organization is mandated by state law to offer sexual harassment prevention training, all businesses should incorporate sexual harassment prevention training into their company culture and HR best practices. This is the best way to keep your employees happy, productive, & everyone out of court. California has progressively led state-mandated sexual harassment training requirements for private-sector employers. Although a few states have similar sexual harassment training requirements for private-sector employers, the majority of states require such training only for employees in the government sector, California is a clear leader.

Sexual Harassment training seminars will position your employees to learn what constitutes specific violations of your company's standards and policies and the EEOC laws, ( See below ), that govern sexual harassment. Our interactive training seminars will assure you that all of your employees know and understand the standards concerning violations of sexual harassment in the workplace. All employees will take a Pre-Test and Post-Test to determine exactly what they learned. All questions are discussed in a round table format. This test can also become a permanent part of the employee's personnel file. This will assure HR that the attending employees both comprehend the California state laws , EEOC statues, and your company's sexual harassment policy.

California Sexual Harassment updates:

Harassment Under Municipal Laws . . . . .

There are numerous local ordinances governing discrimination and harassment, such as in Los Angeles and San Francisco. These local laws generally apply to employers doing business in the city or county limits and may expand on employee rights under FEHA.

Transgender employees are protected from discrimination and harassment under California state law as well as under various municipal laws that protect gender identity and gender expression. Municipalities that prohibit discrimination and harassment in public and private employment on the basis of gender identity and expression include Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Francisco County, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County and West Hollywood .

Further, additional jurisdictions prohibit discrimination in public employment based on gender identity and expression, including Alameda County and San Jose.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines sexual harassment as follows:

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when such conduct:

  • explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment
  • unreasonably interferes with an individual's work performance
  • creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment

California cities providing onsite sexual harassment training seminars:

Santa Barbara : Hotel Californian
36 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

San Diego:
Airport Hilton, 1762 S. San Diego, Blvd. 9004

Los Angeles:
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Los Angeles Downtown West ,611 South Westlake Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90057

San Jose:
Holiday Inn San Jose - Silicon Valley
1350 North 1st Street, San Jose, California 95112

Sacramento : Hilt on airport
3001 Advantage Way, Sacramento, California , 95834, USA

San Francisco:
Hilton Marina
200 Marina Blvd., Berkeley, California , 94710, USA