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Communication Training

Whether you want to master the ins and outs of interpersonal communication, artful persuasion techniques, corporate politics, facilitating meetings or create a polished presentation style with confidence, MVP offers effective workshops to meet the most common workplace challenges. Workplace Communication is a must for anyone who deals with people.

The very definition of managing is to get things done through other people.  If you cannot accurately communicate what needs to be done, it does not get done!  In addition, even if you can accurately communicate directives, you may do so in such a way, that it causes hard feelings, or aggravates your co-workers.  In either case, the job may not get done at all, may not get done on time, may not get done correctly, or subtly sabotaged.

Everyone needs to develop crucial skills to become an effective communicator. Using real-life examples, and role-playing, participants will learn practical, easy-to-use techniques, to improve their current abilities to write effective emails and reports, make quality presentations, improve key telephone skills, interpret body language and, learn critical listening skills. In addition, attendees will identify barriers to effective communication, learn and understand the value of both communication and team-building, both at work and at home.

MVP Communication Seminar Training Will:

  • Develop nuts and bolts techniques to increase your ability as a leader
  • Develop key points to make presentations with confidence and clarity
  • You will learn how to define an issue when confronted with conflict, think on your feet, control uncomfortable situations, and persuade and sell others on your ideas
  • Develop and practice the Art of Listening, a crucial ingredient in all successful communication