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Selecting a Sexual Harassment training in Nevada is an effective way to prevent problems before they occur, while inspiring and motivating employees to perform better, increasing professionalism while creating a fun, very interactive learning experience.
Training companies, such as MVP Seminars and Employee Harassment Training can help book your selected Harassment trainer who will personalize the training specifically to relate to the specific business & any issues that HR would like discussed. Our MVP Sexual Harassment training seminars are available in the following Nevada cities: Las Vegas, Henderson & Reno


Las Vegas, Nevada

Benefits of Sexual Harassment Seminar Training in Nevada:

Regardless of whether your organization is mandated by state law to offer sexual harassment prevention training, all businesses should incorporate sexual harassment prevention training into their company culture and HR best practices. This is the best way to keep your employees happy, productive, & everyone out of court

What Constitutes Harassment in Nevada?

Harassment is one of many types of crimes against a person in the Nevada criminal statutes. NRS 200.571 defines the offense as occurring when a person without lawful authority knowingly threatens:

  • odily injury to any person,
  • Physical damage to another person’s property,
  • Physical confinement or restraint to any person, or
  • Action intended to substantially harm any person’s physical or mental health or safety

The Nevada statute provides that the person receiving the threat must be in reasonable fear that it will be carried out.

Harassment covers a lot of types of conduct. If the harassment occurs over the internet, such as by texting or emails, it may be referred to as cyber harassment.

The expansive scope of threatening conduct that may constitute harassment is important to understand. The threats can be communicated through words or actions. Whether the threat is verbal or behavioral, it does not need to be directed at harming the person receiving it or their property. The threat can be to another (third) person or another person’s property, such as threatening a family member or the home of a family member. Finally, the threat does not need to be immediate — it can be a threat of harm or damage at some future time.

Penalties For Harassment In Nevada:

A first offense conviction for harassment is a misdemeanor. However, the penalties can be significant. A judge can impose a maximum fine of $1,000 and a jail term of up to six months. Repeat convictions are gross misdemeanors with double the penalties: a fine up to $2,000 and a jail term up to 364 days for each offense.

For a harassment conviction, the judge also often issues a temporary or extended protective order requiring the defendant to stay away from the victim. The penalty for intentionally violating the protective order can be even greater than the harassment penalty. Intentionally violating a temporary protective order is a gross misdemeanor. Intentionally violating an extended protective order is a category C felony.

In addition to the criminal law penalties that you potentially face in a harassment charge, the alleged victim may be able to pursue other legal remedies. A criminal conviction is completely separate from any other rights a victim may have.

Nevada cities providing onsite Sexual harassment training seminars:

Las Vegas: Hilton Hotel
Vegas Hilton at Resorts World
999 Resorts World Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 USA

Henderson: Hilton Hotel
Hilton Vacation Club Cancun Resort Las Vegas
8335 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, Nevada 89123 USA

Reno: Embassy Suites
490 South Meadows Parkway, Reno, Nevada 89521 USA