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  •  Are you a keynote speaker, business trainer or executive consultant?
  •  Are you a business consultant whose business/services need worldwide exposure?
  •  Do you want maximum search-engine marketing and keyword placement?
  •  Do you appreciate lower commission fees and business loyalty?
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We guarantee every MVP associate will have a level playing field. Unlike many speaker bureaus and training companies who favor commission-driven high-end speakers and trainers, we will provide equal exposure for both new and seasoned professionals.
In today’s competitive marketplace many bureaus and training companies have 2,000 – 6,000 members. Frequently there are 200 or more competitors in each topic or category, neatly processed into slots where everyone has the same basic identity. There is little consideration given to complete biographies, topic outlines, customer reviews and other personal qualities that meeting planners and corporate training managers consider invaluable.
The bottom line…You get lost in the shuffle, the phone doesn’t ring and you don’t get booked!
Each trainer may choose up to 3 different seminar topics. Each topic selected will include a brief outline and a direct link to your biography page. Your fees are not listed and are only available upon request.


Each speaker may choose up to 3 different topics, which are accompanied by a specific title and a brief description of your keynote, with a direct link to your biography page.


Each coach may choose up to three different topics, which are accompanied by a brief description of services and methods of delivery, with a direct link to your biography page.


Our keynote speaker and business trainer compensation, please see below ..


                                 YOU BE THE JUDGE!

MVP SEMINARS Traditional speaker & seminar companies
Keynote Presentations 15.5% 25-30%
On-Site Training 15.5% 25-30%
Breakout Sessions 15.5% 25-30%
Executive Consulting 10% 25-30%
Sexual Harassment Public Seminars 15.5% 25-30%
Spin-Off Fees(or “Second Generation Bookings”) 10% 25-30%
The MVP new member fee $499.00 for a Lifetime Membership $450.00 – 850.00 (Due each year)
 707-282-9193  Please call us or send us a quick note about how we can assist you in selecting MVP as your marketing source for speaking success.


Our web developer and SEO firm have combined talents to ensure that, through keyword optimization and key link-building strategies, MVP Seminars will cover the crucial requirements for gaining top-ranked positions, in today’s most popular search engines. This is certainly enhanced by our Social media marketing.
Keynote Speakers, Business Trainers, and Executive Consultants  – Topic-specific “keyword phrases” are optimized throughout your promotional materials and are updated constantly.
Corporate Universities for Employee Training and Development
MVP Seminars has expertise in creating a multi-year commitment with clients using effective pedagogy for employee training and help measure ROI.
MVP Seminars SEO Efforts,  “Keyword Phrase” and  Social Media Research Provides:
  • Proven marketing history with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. These major search engines provide 95% of online traffic. We place a very heavy emphasis on Google, & their requirements.
  • MVP Seminars utilizes “keyword phrases” that are conducted & formulated for all topic areas.
  • Specific “keyword phrases”, individual video’s, speaker links & optimized blogging format, helps create an opportunity for leads & bookings for aggressive, self-directed speakers & trainers.
  • Top Five Ranking: We have achieved several top five rankings with today’s most popular search engines.
  • We contact Event Coordinators, and Corporate Personnel frequently. These are individuals who hire Speakers/Trainers for Corporations, Trade and Professional Associations, Colleges, School Districts, Hospitals, Service Groups, etc.
  • Extensive Social Media Marketing & updates.

         It is our goal to bring success to your speaking or training career!

 Our marketing is a costly and a continual process, but well worth the effort as every member of our site stands to benefit.