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Selecting a Sexual Harassment training in Washington is an effective way to prevent problems before they occur, while inspiring and motivating employees to perform better, increasing professionalism while creating a fun, very interactive learning experience.
Training companies, such as MVP Seminars and Employee Harassment Training can help book your selected Harassment trainer who will personalize the training specifically to relate to the specific business & any issues that HR would like discussed. Our MVP Sexual Harassment training seminars are available in the following Washington cities: Seattle, Spokane & Tacoma


Seattle, Washington

Benefits of WORKPLACE PREVENTION Harassment Seminar Training in Washington

Practical Harassment Advice for Washington Employers:

To comply with both state and federal law, local government employers should make it known to all employees that the agency has zero tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers need to develop formal but easily understood polices against sexual harassment with clear complaint procedures, and then they must effectively communicate their policies to all employees. Additionally, employers must exercise reasonable care to follow their policies and to promptly investigate and correct any sexually harassing behavior.

  • Develop a written anti-harassment policy and proactive workplace program and make sure that all employees have a copy of it. To make sure that all employees have received and understood the written policies, ask employees to sign a statement confirming their understanding of the policy, and keep a copy of the signed form in each employee's personnel file.
  • Notify employees of their rights including how to report incidents of sexual harassment.
  • Establish a clear complaint procedure that establishes a process for handling complaints, investigating and documenting charges, and correcting misconduct. Create an open atmosphere in which complaints can be raised without fear of retaliation.
  • Educate and train all employees regarding responsible behavior in the workplace and appropriate procedures for reporting incidents of harassment.
  • Investigate complaints promptly and thoroughly
  • Take prompt and effective remedial action

Examples of Anti-Harassment Policies in Washington

Below are examples of anti-harassment policies from various Washington jurisdictions that establish a clear complaint procedure. Most address sexual harassment as a form of discrimination and therefore also include anti-discrimination procedures in their policies.

Washington WORKPLACE PREVENTION Harassment Updates

Employees in Washington state who feel abused or harassed at work do not have to struggle alone. In fact, they have the legal right to make a formal complaint or an informal query through various federal and state government entities. Many people may not be familiar with the process of calling out a problematic employer, or the numerous options available to guide them through the process. Numerous state laws and federal laws also protect employees from abuses at work, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and others. Knowing which law protects you is helpful when making a complaint or query. It’s best to document as much as possible related to the problem, and to reach out for help as soon as possible — there are different deadlines for different violations. Here’s what to know. WORKPLACE HELP IN WA More than 4 million people are employed in Washington State in some type of job in the civilian workforce. The state is also home to some of the largest military installations in the country, employing over 55,000 workers.

Washington Cities offering onsite WORKPLACE PREVENTION Harassment training seminars

Seattle: Hyatt Hotel
110 6th Avenue North Seattle, Washington, 98109 United States

Spokane: Embassy Suites Hotel

Tacoma: Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn Express & Suites: Puyallup (Tacoma Area)
812 South Hill Park Drive, Puyallup, Washington, 98373